Protecting employees,
families and livelihoods is


We deliver a positive
impact through


We promise to deliver on


We strive to create positive change every day through our commitment, our vision and the values that have guided us for the last 170 years.


Our commitment

We believe strongly in the positive impact we have on the businesses we help protect and the lives we touch.

Our vision

We will be the leading provider of employee benefits products and services that help employers manage their businesses and employees protect their families and livelihoods.

Our values

Integrity: We are an organization built on openness, trust, professionalism, respect and above all, integrity.

Commitment: We have obligations to our key stakeholders, including customers, brokers, employers, regulators and shareholders, and we strive to deliver on those commitments.

Accountability: We are proud of what we do, we accept responsibility for our actions, and we learn from our experiences.

A Note from Rick McKenney

Unum has always been committed to helping people through difficult times. Our mission to protect the financial stability of millions of working people and their families has never been more important.

Rick McKenney

That commitment to making a difference also guides our approach to social responsibility. We advocate for greater access to benefits because the need in our society is real. We work to make our local communities better places because we want our neighbors and our children to have greater opportunity. We reduce the impact we have on our environment because it improves the quality of the world around us. We invest in our people because they're the ones who deliver on our promises every day.

We’ve been around for 170 years, and while a lot has changed in that time, one thing that hasn’t is the caring spirit at the heart of who we are. This report highlights some of the ways our 10,000 employees in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland make a positive difference in the world around us. Their dedication to serving others is a hallmark of our culture, and will define our legacy for years to come.

Rick McKenney

Richard (Rick) McKenney
President and CEO
Unum Group