A Culture of Inclusion

A world-class workplace

We’re creating a workplace where everyone is valued and respected.

A world-class workplace

Our company is built on the promise of helping people when they need it most. It’s an inspiring mission, and one that depends on harnessing the creativity and energy of our nearly 10,000 employees.

At Unum, we’re striving to create a workplace culture that attracts the great talent we need to deliver for our customers. We do that by embracing the unique talents of every member of our team and helping them reach their full potential, both at work and in their lives outside of our walls.

We are Unum

Our culture is built on a foundation of workplace values and principles called We Are Unum, a roadmap that outlines what our employees bring to work each day and what they get from us in return. It’s also a living document that defines our culture.

What do we expect from our employees? The passion to focus on our customers, deliver on our commitments and stay at the top of our industry. The strength to try new ways of doing things, take responsibility for our actions and value the contributions we all bring. And to share that same caring spirit we have for our customers and each other with the communities around us.

By giving us their best, employees get the best from Unum. A place to do challenging work with integrity and be rewarded. An opportunity to collaborate as a team and share ideas. And the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

A collaborative work environment

Diverse backgrounds and perspectives are what spark the creativity and innovation we need to deliver our best. We welcome and value the contributions of all our employees, because we know that together we can accomplish more.

Our customers represent a cross-section of society and come from different communities, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic perspectives and physical abilities. We believe the best way to meet the needs of our customers and make better decisions is to reflect their diversity.

This commitment starts at the top. Our board of directors is a recognized leader in gender diversity, and our CEO and senior leadership team are measured, in part, on diversity and inclusion performance goals. We’ve also developed leadership programs to empower our under-represented populations and improved our understanding of the need through research.

Just as importantly, we’ve harnessed the energy of our employees to realize our vision of an inclusive workplace. Through Employee Resource Groups that represent the full spectrum of what makes us unique, employee volunteers ensure everyone has a place where they're heard and where they can use their talents and interests to create an environment of acceptance.

Pipan Wilson is helping create a culture of inclusion

A key tenet of our workplace values and principles is a recognition of the importance of diversity and an appreciation for the differences that make us stronger. Put simply, it’s about creating a culture where everyone is valued and respected for who they are, and no one feels limited or excluded from the opportunity to contribute and learn.

Pipan Wilson

To help us achieve this goal, more than 400 employees involved in our Employee Resource Groups are actively working on initiatives to ensure we have a workplace where everyone’s ideas are heard, and where every individual feels welcome and respected and is afforded the chance to succeed.

One of our employees leading the way in this effort is Pipan Wilson, a Lead Disability Benefit Specialist and Client Liaison, who served in the United States Air Force before joining Unum. As chair of our Veterans Networking Group, she and her team are recruiting veterans and helping them transition to the workplace and develop their careers.

“Diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance, which is far more important,” Pipan says. “When you create an inclusive environment, you recognize people for who they are and treat their differences as gifts.

“A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to speak to Unum’s board of directors about the Veterans Networking Group. As a woman, you can’t wait until you’re asked, you have to take the initiative, so I recommended we take a new approach with more emphasis on hiring and retaining veterans.

“Veterans have a skillset valued in the corporate world, from being driven to succeed and trained to overcome obstacles to being adaptive and open-minded. The military is a diverse place. We don’t look at the person, we look at the individual who is most qualified for the job. If we bring more people with this mindset into our workplace, with this leadership training and diversity of thought, we’ll be a better company for it.

“That’s why I’m excited to be in this position. I love the challenge of leading the veteran group and creating change. I’m honored for the opportunity to do this, and I see it as my duty and obligation to make sure veterans have a voice here.”

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For Pipan and other Unum employee veterans, volunteering at the Chattanooga Food Bank is another opportunity to serve our country.

Live and work your best

Our company is built on helping individuals and families, and this starts with our employees. We want employees to maintain a positive work-life balance, which is why we provide access to benefits and resources they need to enhance their health and well-being.

Through a campaign called Live Your Best You, we help employees understand the world-class benefits and services that promote their physical, emotional and financial well-being. We offer comprehensive health plans, onsite fitness and health resource centers at our primary facilities, programs that help employees understand and manage chronic health issues, and rewards to encourage healthy behaviors. We also provide generous retirement benefits and financial planning tools and support the professional development of our employees through a wide range of training and tuition assistance programs.

In 2017, we kicked off a multiyear modernization of our main home offices in the U.S., following workplace renovations to our U.K. offices. This investment will transform our workspaces to spark greater collaboration, innovation and flexibility, and introduce upgraded food service and fitness amenities for employees. The introduction of a more contemporary workplace will support the recruitment of top talent and our delivery of best-in-class customer service.

Employee Resource Groups seek to:

  • Ensure that diversity and inclusion become embedded within the Unum culture.
  • Create an inclusive environment for all ethnically diverse employees.
  • Attract, retain and promote diverse talent within our global organization.
  • Support employees with disabilities and help others understand the challenges they face.
  • Create an inclusive workplace, free of conscious or unconscious bias.
  • Ensure the workplace is free of discrimination against and harassment of people based on their gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.
  • Help veterans transition to the workplace and develop their professional careers.
  • Increase women in leadership positions through professional and career development.

A great place to work is one where people of every background have the tools to grow and reach their full potential. A place where no one feels limited or excluded from the opportunity to contribute and learn.
A place that helps us be more receptive to novel ideas and new ways of thinking.

A great place to work

87% of all U.S. employees enrolled in our competitive health plan, 100% of all Ireland employees and 97% of all U.K. employees enrolled in supplemental health plans.

Achieving financial stability and security are at the forefront of our employee benefits plans with more than 90% of U.S. employees contributing to a 401(k) plan.

To recruit and retain a talented workforce, we offer growth management tracks for career navigation, tuition assistance and leadership programs. In 2017, we provided $769,988 in tuition assistance and employees completed 293,855 hours of training.

Professional development is a crucial part of our culture. Training curriculum provided by Lynda.com was used by 3,759 employees with 91,516 videos viewed.

Throughout 2017, 2,419 of our employees moved to new roles within the company to take advantage of career growth opportunities. Employees who leave the company for a variety of reasons often have access to resources to help them transition to new opportunities.

A Great Place to Work