At Unum, we have the privilege of making a difference every day.

Nearly 35 million working people and their families rely on us to provide financial security when unexpected illness or injury occurs. More than 180,000 employers partner with us to help better manage their workforces. We’re in a meaningful business that helps people when they need it most.

Our social responsibility is just as important to us. We advocate for public policies that help employees build a robust financial safety net. We’re invested in helping our communities become better places to live, work and learn. We’re committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.

As Unum’s CEO, I see this commitment to making a difference in action every day among our nearly 10,000 employees. In the pages of this corporate responsibility report, you’ll get a glimpse of what I see — employees from across the company working together to keep our promises to policyholders, find new ways to bring financial protection benefits to the workplace, and enrich our communities.

It truly is a privilege to be in a business that makes a real difference in our society. It’s also a responsibility that we embrace every day.

Richard (Rick) McKenney
President and CEO
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